Bankruptcy Means Testing – Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy? The bankruptcy means test determines if you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. It also determines if you qualify for a 36 month chapter 13 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy means test is the average income in the state of Michigan.

What is the bankruptcy means test for Michigan?

The median income (or means testing levels) for May 2019 in West Michigan are as follows: 1 person – $51,405.00, 2 people – $62,618.00, 3 people – $75,051.00, 4 people – $92,742.00. For each person in your household, the income amount increases.  Further, the number of people in your house is not tax dependents.  Household size is based on who is living there and include elderly parents and children that have not left your home.  The definition members of your household is broad.  These amounts change every 6 months and have been trending upward. also, the means testing only applies to people with primarily consumer debt not business debt. If you have primarily business debt, means testing does not apply and you can file chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy means test - Do I qualify

What happens if I am over the means testing income?

If you are over the means testing income there is still debt relief available.  First, you can always file for chapter 13 bankruptcy relief if you are over the means testing.  Second, you can wait until you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Specifically you can reduce you overtime or change jobs to reduce your income.

Who can I talk to about means testing and bankruptcy?

If you are still asking yourself – Bankruptcy Means Testing – Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy?  You can speak to a bankruptcy lawyer immediately to review your specific case. We offer a free consultation to review your case.

How do I get started with my bankruptcy?

Getting started is easy. Just pickup the phone and call our office. You will speak to a bankruptcy lawyer immediately.  We can review your qualifications for chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy and explain the benefits of each to you.

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