Can bankruptcy eliminate credit card debt?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy completely discharges credit card debt.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy can greatly reduce credit card debt to as low as 1,500.00 dollars.

Credit card debt is considered unsecured debt.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates unsecured debt completely.  Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can save you thousands of dollars.  The cost of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is 1350.00 with the filing fee.  This is significantly cheaper than paying 10,000 dollars back monthly with 18% interest (which would take you about 15 years).

Credit card debt can be drastically reduced in a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan to as little as 1,500 dollars paid over 60 months without interest.  This option will also save you thousands.

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Who can I talk to about eliminating my credit card debt?

You can speak to a bankruptcy lawyer immediately to review your specific case. We offer a free consultation and debt analysis to review your case.

How do I get started with my bankruptcy?

Getting started is easy. Just pickup the phone and call our office. You will speak to a bankruptcy attorney immediately.

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